Linda Riseley (405)

Linda Riseley uses artworks to express the wordless but loud voice of the heart and the truth that lies within.  They are inspired by a personal understanding of the world she inhabits and her own spiritual journey.  These poetic visualisations portray the essence of her experiences and are translated into a moving form that touch our emotions and speak to our soul.  

Her work Distortions deals with the unseen pain of youth and the uplifting wisdom that is learned from the journey.  It goes beyond the borders of the human condition and speaks the truth in a universal way.  Grinding away at the heart we search for the light within, clouded by deeds, thoughts, feelings of darkness and a blurred reality we look for our soul.   

Linda’s artworks are designed to move the viewer through the room of her mind.  
Dedicated to Digital art and its limitless possibility, her work is complex and intense.  Images linger. The more you look, the more you are drawn into its hypnotic spell.  On all levels, Linda’s work resonates with the senses. 

The short film Distortions may be projected without sound on to a wall, floor or any reasonably flat surface. Alternatively this work may be played on a mini dvd player or Laptop.  

More of Linda’s work can be viewed online:

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