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Go, Prejudice, Go Back, Exploitation, Return, No Return, Identity, Longing, Exile, Interior Moving, Transformation, Travel, Borders, Memory, Joy, Sacrifice, Stay ...

... Migrate and Live ... in the Attempt Of A Better Life

"Once they abandoned their country were left without shelter, once they abandoned their state they became stateless; once they were deprived of their human rights lacked of rights and became the scum of the earth." Hannah Arendt

The possibility of transformation the quality of life of the populations of the migrant women's countries of origin can have a very high cost, a cost that leads us to see the darker side of migrations. "Exploitation, abuse, violence and women trafficking are the roots of a multimillion dollar business without borders. From the contemporary enslavement of trafficking victims to exploitation of domestic workers, millions of migrant women taking risks that testify to the lack of adequate protection of their rights and the absence of opportunities to migrate safely and legally."
Andrea Gaytan Cuesta. "Women across borders. The Feminization of Migration and incorporation of the Theory of Gender in Migration Theory "



"Project Art-essence" opens the call "Strangers in Paradise", art installation project that aims to show new perspectives of being, feel and perceive contemporary women from the perspective of gender and migration. Being a woman, apart from being a biological fact, is a cultural and historical fact. Our main objective is to promote dialogue between art and society.


Open to all creative people (artists and non-artists), regardless of age, gender or nationality.


FORMAT: Each proposal must be submitted in a standard format postcard, 10 x 15 cm.(3,9 x 5,9 inches)

THEME: "Strangers in Paradise" / / Women and Migration
Create and recreate from the everyday female world, world full of symbolism and poetic, a trip from the outside to look and admire inside... intimate codes, enjoyment and suffering, exile, exploitation, sacrifice, surrender, inner changes, transformation, coordinates of loneliness and longing... a pretext to generate dialogues around the everyday poetic and feminine through art.

Strangers in Paradise of yesterday, of today and maybe tomorrow, a great scenery of  patchwork of diverse and inspiring life that will bring us closer on a visual journey from the creativity to the universe female of some tireless travellers.

TECHNIQUE: Free - Original pieces in painting, drawing, photography, digital art, collage, calligraphy, mixed media and/or only text.
Each participant can send up to 3 cards with author details on the back of each.

  • The postcards received will become part of the artistic background of the Female Collective Art-Essence Project, they are part of the collection (approximately 2000) that has been exhibited in various cities and cultural centers in Spain and Colombia.
  • All postcards received will be displayed at the upcoming national and international invitations received by the Collective in the coming months.
  • Our group does not receive any financial support nor cultural
  • To continue sharing this mail art installation about women throughout the world we need everyone's support for self-sustainability of the project. We want to ensure the transport costs of the postcards collection.
Participation Fee: 6 euros

Information here


The postcards will be received during the month of September and October

Deadline:   October 31 - 2013

Postcards must be sent by mail to:

Willem Schoutenstraat 1A
Amsterdam 1057 DL - Netherlands

 For the galleries on line, we need once done the mailing, send the postcard image
 in JPG format to 
900 x 600 PIXELS or approximately 200K. 
Attach further details like name, country, e-mail and web

All postcards received will be selected, except those that do not qualify the criteria of the proposed theme or violate the dignity of people.
The postcards received will not be returned neither will be sold.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation and exposure.

Participation in this Call implies full knowledge and acceptance of its terms.

  Any questions, please contact: